CA Perspectives

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We cover the following topics in this issue:

  • In our feature article, “Is the Hedge Fund Heyday Behind Us?”, Jon Hansen and Jerry Kraus discuss why hedge funds continue to be an important component of diversified portfolios and what it takes to find the top-performing funds.
  • In “Facts About Hedge Funds: Merit or Myth,” Joe Marenda analyzes conventional wisdom on hedge fund success factors to examine which rules of thumb hold water and which have some leaks.
  • In “You Can’t Spend Pre-Tax Returns,” Chris Houston, Jeanne Mowrey, and Hans Vaule provide insights on tax-efficient hedge funds for private client investing.
  • In “Cambridge Conversations,” David Druley discusses his new role as President and Head of Global Investments.
  • In our client profile on Main Line Health,  Mike Buongiorno, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Peter Havens, board member, offer their views on shifting their pension plan’s assets to a discretionary service model.