Private Credit

Private credit can offer distinct advantages in low-return environments, but it also spans a diverse range of strategies, each with their own distinctive risks. Depending on the strategy, private credit can minimize risk or maximize return, but comparing and implementing the various strategies requires thorough due diligence and expert knowledge of the space.

Our experienced private credit investment team works with each client to build a customized portfolio of investments across credit strategies, including direct lending, capital solutions, bank loans, high-yield bonds, and niche opportunities. Our broad coverage of credit-related senior and opportunistic strategies—along with our long-standing manager relationships—helps to provide our clients with access to best-in-class investments that may provide an attractive profile and premium yield in low-return environments.


In this edition of VantagePoint, we review the drivers of inflation globally and conclude that widespread inflation concerns are likely overdone. For investors concerned about the risks of inflation, we refresh our analysis on the complex relationship between asset classes and inflation and dig deeper into the implications of higher inflation on equities.