Prevail is Cambridge Associates’ network that enables outstanding women—investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists—to share their ideas as they influence and invest for the future. Prevail looks ahead at the changing dynamics of a world focused on maximizing the expertise and contributions of women. Prevail’s network, events, and content are intended to foster community and collaboration and to inspire a growing audience of engaged, dynamic women.

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Betting on Women: How a New Breed of Venture Capital Players are Finding, Funding, and Winning with Women Entrepreneurs

As more women create new businesses, thought leaders in venture capital are looking to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs and GPs. In the fall of 2018, Prevail hosted a series of events showcasing leading women venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs they have backed. The events featured an impressive panel of speakers and were moderated by CA’s Andrea Auerbach, Global Head of Private Investments and Theresa Sorrentino Hajer, Managing Director.
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Mary Jo Palermo
Mary Jo Palermo

“So much has been achieved by others before us to unravel social norms that put limits on women. We are thankful to those who paved the path to provide women today more runway to experiment, create, lead and succeed, or fail—on their own terms. Women still have so much more to achieve and many more contributions to make. Prevail is a toolbox to help them do just that.”

Kate Thomes
Kate Thomes

“Over the years I have seen women assimilate into the workplace, sometimes at the cost of being entirely honest about who they are. It is time to change that. Live and work your truth and find your own identity. Prevail is a way to network and focus on being our own heroes for one another.”