Jasmine Khiri, Cambridge Associates
Jasmine Khiri
Investment Managing Director
Senior Investment Director
Global Head of Private Investments
Managing Director
Head of Healthcare Practice
Senior Coordinator, Human Capital Management
Global Director of PR
Ronny Chatterjee, Cambridge Associates
Associate Investment Director, GIR Private Equity
Global Head of Endowment & Foundation Practice
Head of Business Risk Management
Global Head of Hedge Funds
Regional Head for Asia
Head of Northeast/Midwest Regional Endowment & Foundation Practice
Chief Investment Strategist
Chief Executive Officer
Investment Director, Global Investment Research
Head of Investment Science
Global Head of Credit Investment Group
Head of CA Institute
UK PR Agency
Emily Gullickson, Cambridge Associates
Product Manager, Investment Systems
Asia PR Agency
Head of European Endowment & Foundation Practice
Chief Compliance Officer
CA Alumna
Head of Investment Risk Management
Head of Global Investment Research
Head of Portfolio Implementation Management
CEO, CA Limited
Head of European Private Client Practice
Co-Head of Americas Private Client Practice
Senior Director, Client Reporting
Senior Client Service Associate, Client Services Group
Head of European Pension Practice, Regional Head of Germany
Chief of Staff
Investment Director, GIS Private Client Practice
Director, Data Processing
Chief Operating Officer
Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Research
Head of Global Pension Practice
Sean McLaughlin
Head of Southeast Regional Endowment & Foundation Practice
Head of North American Pension Practice
Managing Director
Head of Global Business Development
Global Head of Real Assets
US PR Agency
Managing Director, Capital Markets Research
President and Head of Global Investing
Mark Oshida
Regional Head for Middle East & Africa
Head of Global Private Client Practice
Junior Investment Operations Associate, Manager Information Group
Investment Director
Global Business Development & Marketing Analyst
Head of Human Capital
Head of Diverse Manager Research
Chief Technology Officer
Global Head of Capital Markets Research
Senior Investment Director
Senior Investment Performance Analyst, Performance Reporting
Investment Analyst, GIS Endowments & Foundations
Regional Head for Australia & New Zealand
Hari Soin, Cambridge Associates
Managing Director, Enterprise Data Services
Dorota Spaulding, Cambridge Associates
Senior Investment Director, GIR Public Equities & Bonds
Investment Performance Analyst, Performance Reporting
Global Head of Public Equities
Managing Director
Head of West/Southwest Regional Endowment & Foundation Practice
Director, Data Processing
Chief Legal Officer