Private Investors

We offer investment solutions, not investment products. And we never receive any financial incentives from investment management firms to invest in their products. We make decisions for your portfolio based on what’s best for you, not on what profits us.

As a discretionary provider to private investors, we understand the specialized expertise it takes to manage private wealth. Our investment teams work with you to set specific investment objectives, risk tolerances, and tax strategies for each pool of assets. But you do not have to spend time on the details of portfolio implementation and administration. We manage the portfolio, and we are accountable for the results.

We offer a truly customized approach to managing your assets. We don’t just create a unique portfolio based on your specific needs and constraints. We also share your portfolio strategy and performance with you at a level that makes sense for each person in your family.

Considering a succession plan? We provide the experience of working with a trusted advisor combined with the longevity and expertise of an institutional fiduciary.  Our coordinated investment and fiduciary services bring continuity to managing assets for wealth preservation, estate planning, and intergenerational transition needs.  Fiduciary services are provided by our wholly owned subsidiary, Cambridge Associates Fiduciary Trust, LLC.