Your Outsourced Investment Office

New Challenges, Different Approaches

Fast moving markets, investment opportunities that require careful vetting, a need for global insights—these are just a few of the issues in an increasingly complex investment environment.

In light of these factors, many fiduciaries are evaluating their current model of portfolio governance. This evaluation can reaffirm the current structure and process, or it can lead fiduciaries to identify alternative oversight models that use their limited time and resources more efficiently.Making portfolio decisions during episodic committee meetings is more challenging than ever. That is why many fiduciaries have begun to explore alternative approaches to day-to-day management of their assets.

There is an easier way.

Investment Architects, Innovative Design

CA Capital Management is the dedicated business unit of Cambridge Associates that serves as the outsourced investment office for nonprofit institutions and pension plans around the globe.

As a part of Cambridge Associates, we draw on 40 years of experience working with the world’s leading investors. We understand the practices that investment offices should emulate, and those they should avoid, when building institutional portfolios. We used that insight to create CA Capital.

Our CIOs and investment teams take complete responsibility for portfolio management within client guidelines— including investment strategy, portfolio construction, risk management, manager hiring and firing, and rebalancing.

And we are accountable for the results.

A Custom Solution Made Easy

Unlike “one-size-fits-all” solutions or inflexible commingled funds, our CIOs build a portfolio uniquely suited to your institution’s needs.

And our back office team assumes responsibility for the investment operations of each client’s portfolio, freeing staff from the burden of portfolio operations.

Competitor Models

CA Capital Model

The Importance of Independence

At Cambridge Associates, we offer investment solutions, not investment products. And we never receive any financial incentives from investment management firms to invest in their products. The decisions we make for your portfolio are based on what is best for you.

Our commitment to independence also allows us to offer a true best ideas approach. Our CIOs and investment teams draw investment ideas from more than a thousand funds globally that our dedicated research team has vigorously researched and deemed suitable
for client investment.

Other outsourced CIO providers who offer internally managed funds only conduct research on a small subset of external managers. This can greatly limit the options they consider for client investment outside of their own products.

The Four Tenets of Portfolio Construction

Our investment philosophy underpins how we manage portfolios. We focus on generating superior performance by building customized portfolios aimed at maximizing returns within appropriate risk parameters.

oneThe policies governing the management of the portfolio should reflect the operational realities of the institution that owns it.

oneSuccessful investing in the past required a sound asset allocation. Successful investing today requires strict attention to risk allocation as well.

oneWhile the asset and risk allocations will account for much of the return, skillful manager selection— especially in volatile markets or niche strategies—is an important component of excess return over and above what the market provides.

oneTimely and accurate performance monitoring allows us to manage your portfolio and for you to evaluate our work.

How We Build Portfolios

Focused on maximizing returns within your stated risk parameters, we manage your portfolio as if it were our own.

What We Offer

We are responsible for your portfolio, using all CA resources to optimize returns. And we are accountable for the results.

Your experience with your CIO and investment team will feel like having a professional, experienced in-house investment office schooled in the best practices of the leading investment offices in the world.
Your portfolio is fully customized, at the manager level, to reflect your institution’s values and needs today. You also have the flexibility to delegate discretion for all of your assets or just a component of your total portfolio, such as alternative assets.
Your CIO and investment team are supported by an extensive on-the-ground global research network of more than 200 professionals. This team scours the globe to find best-in-class ideas across asset classes and identify changes in relative asset class valuations. Few CIOs have access to such robust resources.
Your portfolio’s operational and administrative needs will be handled by our dedicated portfolio operations team. You retain all of your portfolio’s manager relationships, and your assets will not be commingled with other clients’. This means that your assets are not adversely affected by another institution’s liquidation.

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