Institutional Investors

CA Capital Management is the dedicated business unit of Cambridge Associates that serves as the outsourced investment office for nonprofit institutions and pension plans around the globe. We are responsible for your portfolio and use all of the Cambridge Associates resources to focus on maximizing your returns. And we are accountable for your results.

Why CA Capital Management?

We’re available when you need us.
Your experience with your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and investment team should feel like having a professional, experienced in-house investment office that replicates the best practices of the leading investment offices in the world.

Your portfolio is built for your objectives alone.
Your portfolio should reflect your values and needs.  We fully customize your portfolio, at the manager level, to maximize your returns within your stated objectives.

You can choose how much to outsource.
You can delegate discretion to us for all of your assets or just a component of your total portfolio, such as alternative assets.

Your team has access to expansive global research to search for the best ideas for you.
Your OCIO and investment team are supported by an extensive on-the-ground global research network of more than 100 professionals. This team scours the globe to find best-in-class ideas across asset classes and identify changes in relative asset class valuations.

We can simplify and relieve your administrative burden.
Your portfolio’s operational and administrative needs will be fully handled by our dedicated portfolio operations team. But you retain ownership of all of your portfolio’s investments, and your assets will not be commingled with other clients.