Outsourcing & Discretionary Management

Fast moving markets, investment opportunities that require careful vetting, a need for global insights. The issues facing fiduciaries are more complex than ever. They’re finding that it’s tough to make dynamic portfolio decisions with just a few meetings per year. That’s why many fiduciaries are delegating day-to-day decision making to outsourced Chief Investment Officers.

Turning to Investment Outsourcing

CA Capital Management Co-Director Bruce Myers discusses why he thinks investment outsourcing is here to stay.


Key Benefits of Investment Outsourcing

  • Allows you to focus solely on strategic portfolio issues
  • Entrusts day-to-day decision making to outsourced CIOs who will aim to maximize portfolio performance based on your stated strategy
  • Delegates the timely implementation and administration decisions to an experienced team that is held accountable for the portfolio’s results
  • Provides a fully resourced investment office in a cost-effective way

How We Can Help


Institutional Investors

For nonprofit institutions looking to outsource or pension funds looking for discretionary or semi-delegated fiduciary management, we have the experience, people, and resources to aim to replicate the best practices of high-performing investment offices worldwide.


Private Investors

For private investors who want to delegate decision making to a trusted expert, we offer a customized and truly independent solution that makes your needs our priority.