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Introducing Optica by Cambridge Associates

The new home of Cambridge Associates’ manager research, private investment benchmarks, endowment and foundation peer data, and our online performance reporting product

Optica Performance is our new online performance reporting product. With Optica Performance, investors can:

  • Compare investment performance versus industry benchmarks, analyze portfolio asset allocations, and assess other portfolio characteristics
  • Review their portfolio online or export data to explore further offline

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  • Access diligence, insights, data, and analytics on more than 6,500 managers across hedge fund, long-only and private investments
  • Benefit from decades of experience, long-standing manager relationships, and the considerable resources of Cambridge Associates’ 150+ research team by subscribing to Optica Research

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  • Access high-quality aggregate performance data for nearly 6,000 private investment funds and more than 65,000 underlying portfolio company investments across all asset classes and geographies
  • Create custom benchmarks and performance measures to help monitor your portfolio, assess manager performance, and gain insights into new asset classes, strategies, and geographies

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  • Access returns, asset allocations, spending rates, and other valuable data on more than 400 US endowments and foundations
  • Create a peer universe via a range of filters (size, type of institution) to assess your organization’s performance relative to your customized peer group

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