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Heather Jablow

Interim Head of Private Client Practice

We’re an independent voice that our clients trust to manage their assets.

We serve as stewards of our clients’ assets, helping to achieve the objectives and create the value expected by each private client.  In doing so, we apply these key strengths:

  • A Complete View

    Your investment portfolio is an integral part of your financial enterprise and should reflect your individual circumstances. We design your portfolio based on your specific investment goals, needs, and risk tolerance, as well as other considerations such as potential tax implications, generational needs, concentrated positions, and operating businesses.

  • Aligned Interests

    We don’t sell proprietary products, and we don’t accept fees from investment managers for recommending their products. Our only source of income is the service we offer you—and that means we always have your best interests in mind. You can have confidence that the investment decisions we make for your portfolio are meant to achieve your objectives, not our own.

  • Manager Research and Access

    Our global research footprint helps us to uncover best-in-class investments, and our scale allows us to negotiate competitive terms for the benefit of our clients. For four decades, we have built a network of established and promising new managers for one simple purpose: to get you access to the best investment managers for your unique portfolio.

Whether clients choose to delegate day-to-day decision-making or want to make final investment decisions themselves, their Cambridge Associates investment team is responsible for managing their investment portfolio and driving it forward. We manage the total portfolio or a portion of a client’s portfolio, such as hedge funds and private investments.  We help clients prepare for generational wealth transfers, develop an appropriate tax-aware strategy, and educate family members on how to preserve and grow wealth.  

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