Brian McDonnell

Head of Global Pension Practice

We build customized portfolios that create the value each plan sponsor needs.

We serve as a fiduciary partner to owners of complex asset and liability pools, helping to achieve the objectives and create the value needed by each unique plan sponsor.  In doing so, we apply these key strengths:

  • results-driven strategies

    With deep experience in the complex challenges plan sponsors face, we focus on maximizing results for each valuable unit of risk and capital. We think holistically, managing the interaction of risk hedging and growth portfolios to optimal effect and leveraging our firm’s full resources to help secure plan success.

  • customized portfolios

    We determine what success looks like for each plan sponsor and commit every effort to achieving it. Led by a senior investor and backed by an expert team of pension professionals, each recommendation is shaped by what matters to that plan and made solely because we believe it will most effectively achieve plan goals.

  • global reach

    Our global footprint allows us to uncover best-in-class investment ideas, and our scale allows us to negotiate competitive terms for the benefit of our clients. For four decades, we have built a network of established and promising new managers across both alternative and public markets, all with one purpose: to provide access to the right managers for each unique portfolio.

  • independence and alignment with client interests

    We are an independent partner to our clients, with a full allegiance to our fiduciary obligations. We don’t sell proprietary products or accept fees from investment managers. Thus, no other business agendas compete with our clients for our best ideas — or for our focus on their best interests.

We meet each plan where they need us, providing service in a highly tailored way.  Whether managing a total portfolio or a portion of it, and whether serving in a fully discretionary (i.e., OCIO) or non-discretionary investment management capacity, we customize our approach and strategies according to each plan’s unique goals and needs.

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