Mission-Related Investing

Mission-related investing. Socially responsible investing. Impact investing. Sustainability investing. Environmental, Social, and Governance. There are lots of ways investors include environmental and social considerations into the investment decision-making process. And we can help.

Working with mission-focused investors for more than 40 years, we understand that investments can have an impact broader than just your bottom line.  That’s why we have dedicated resources to help you make informed decisions when it comes to mission-related investing.

We help develop and implement a variety of strategies to achieve specific mission-related investing goals.  Our fully customized portfolio management approach allows you to implement mission-focused investments that fit your investment strategy and align with your values.  Many families and institutions want to invest in funds that reflect their focus on sustainability.  We’ve helped them identify and invest with global sustainability managers across their portfolios.  Other investors want to support economic and social justice for local low-income communities.  We’ve helped them create customized community development fixed-income portfolios and find private investments that target job growth and community development.  And others want to ensure that their portfolios do not include investments that conflict with their core values.  So we’ve helped them implement SRI screening policies across their entire portfolios, including alternative assets.

We don’t think investors should have to sacrifice good due diligence to invest in mission-related investments.  That’s why we apply our rigorous due diligence standards to a wide range of MRI investment opportunities. Speaking with more than 300 managers each year and tracking more than 1000 mission-related funds across all asset classes, we are committed to helping our clients build sophisticated portfolios that enable them to meet both their social and investment return objectives.

Our commitment to mission-related investing reaches beyond our work with clients.  We have been advocates to broaden the investment landscape and help institutionalize the approach to mission-related investing.  Among other things, we have:

  • Developed and published an Impact Investing Benchmark, the first comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of private investment funds that have both social impact and financial objectives
  • Helped create an ESG-focused emerging markets fund for U.S. institutional investors
  • Encouraged hedge funds to offer SRI screened share classes to expand the opportunity set for values-based investors
  • Joined the Global Impact Investing Network as a Founding Member and signed onto the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI)