Enterprise Advisory

As a partner to nonprofit institutions for more than 40 years, we have a deep understanding of their business models, governance, and the role of the investment portfolio in the enterprise.


Tracy Filosa

Head of Enterprise Advisory Practice
We specialize in understanding enterprise conditions, risks, and opportunities. Our tools and analyses provide insight into industry trends and unique institutional circumstances. Our rich repository of comparative data and our forward-looking analysis help you answer any number of questions about your institution, such as:

  • What would be the most effective outcome from our capital campaign?
  • What are the risks to the enterprise given different long-term portfolio investment scenarios?
  • Does our governance serve our goals and meet our fiduciary responsibilities?
  • How big an endowment do we need to …?
  • How can we maximize endowment growth?
  • How has our business model changed and what are the implications?
  • How can we maintain a sustainable business model (financial equilibrium) going forward?