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Christopher Hunter

Head of Global Endowment & Foundation Practice

We help endowments and foundations invest well so that they can realize their missions.

We have been working with nonprofit institutions for over 40 years so understand the issues that large and small institutions face in achieving their investment objectives. We believe that every institution is different and develop a customized portfolio for each client that reflects their objectives and risk parameters.

  • Expertise and Experience

    Our investment teams focus only on nonprofit clients and understand the issues they face today. They also recognize that every institution is different, and before making any recommendations, the team conducts a full enterprise review to understand objectives, risk tolerances, and cash flow needs. And with deep expertise in Alternative Assets, Mission-Related Investing, and Enterprise Risk, we’ll bring the needed resources to bear so that you get the portfolio that’s right for you.

  • Global Reach

    Cambridge has always been committed to extensive research and due diligence to uncover the best ideas around the world in each asset class. We have more than 100 research investment professionals working across four continents with just one objective: finding—and getting you access to—the best investment managers for your portfolio.

  • A Community of Clients

    We’re proud to be associated with so many wonderful institutions that are making the world a better place. Our clients have access to peer data, exchange ideas at Cambridge-sponsored events, and benefit from research that leverages the best practices of this expansive community. As our client base has grown, so have our investment teams—ensuring we continue to deliver personal service and customized recommendations to each of our clients.

We’ll work with you the way that works best for you. Whether you’re interested in Investment Management Services (OCIO or non-discretionary), help with a portion of your portfolio, or access to investment research and tools, we will identify a customized solution that works best for your organization.

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