Alternative Asset Strategy Outlook Webcast


Managing Director Joe Marenda participated in an Alternative Asset Strategy Outlook webcast where he discussed the notion that the extended period of recovery and the current bull market run “have perhaps caused some investors to forget the pain that came along with the financial crisis.” Speaking from the lens of developing and implementing alternative investment programs for pension funds, Marenda suggested hedge funds may assist with mitigating or eliminating losses in pension portfolios in the event of a market downturn when pensions’ equity assets tend to fall in value while their liabilities rise due to interest rate changes.

View the ~45 minute webcast here, which includes slides about Cambridge Associates’ pension practice, current views on hedge funds within pensions, charts around trends in funded status and preservation, and return dispersion graphics that reiterate the importance of manager selection.

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Read Marenda’s research paper, Hedge Fund-ing the Pension Deficit, here.