Consultant Spotlight: The Luxury of Time: A Case for Diversification and Active Management

Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

Margaret Chen, head of Cambridge Associates’ OCIO business CA Capital Management, outlines key considerations for institutional investors to keep in mind in 2017, highlighting the endowment model, active managers and manager selection, the role of hedge funds, performance measurement, and more. Chen concludes: “Focusing on the nuts and bolts of investing will help investors weather the uncertainties around investing in 2017, providing a path for stronger long-term returns to support and sustain an institution. For institutions who seek outperformance over index strategies, who can withstand some illiquidity and who care about risk-adjusted  return, the data is unequivocal. A diversified, long-term approach and careful allocation to active strategies remains the common sense approach to institutional portfolio management.” Read the full op-ed in Foundation & Endowment Intelligence here.