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WealthBriefing | NEWS July 2019
Private Investments: Three Things To Consider Before Joining The 40 Percent Club

In recent years, families of substantial wealth and family offices have paid increasing attention to the role of private investments in portfolio construction – and with sound reason. Higher private investment allocations have proven to play a critical role in generating greater returns over generations. In this self-authored article, Managing Director Maureen Austin discusses why…
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Institutional Investor | NEWS June 2019
Here Are the Winners of II’s 2019 Hedge Fund Awards

Cambridge Associates (CA) has been named Institutional Investor’s 2019 OCIO of the Year and Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year. The accolades recognize organizations that “stood out for their performance innovation, achievements and contributions to the industry in the past year.” These awards are a testament to CA’s teams and their pursuit to build custom portfolios…
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SuperReturn 365 | NEWS June 2019
Why You Should Consider Diversity When Choosing Managers

Two heads are better than one. But what if those two heads have the same outlook, look for the same things, and think the same way? These two heads might not bring the advantage that you might have hoped for. In this Q&A, Jasmine Richards, Head of Diversity Manager Research at Cambridge Associates, addresses how…
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CFO Magazine | NEWS May 2019
Four Key Strategies for Managing Pension Risk

CFOs at companies that offer defined benefits might be forgiven for feeling frustrated that, in addition to oversight responsibility for company financial performance, shareholder relations, accounting, tax, and myriad other functions, they also have to manage a pension plan.  While overseeing pension plans is increasingly complex and there’s no silver bullet solution, Brian McDonnell, Head…
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Worth Magazine | NEWS May 2019
The Hedge Fund Strategies That Actually Work

A recent article from Worth Magazine asks the question: are hedge funds a bygone investment relic? Check out the full story to discover why Managing Director Jon Hansen believes that the right hedge funds can play an essential role to balancing portfolio performance.
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