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Pensions & Investments | NEWS May 2016
Investors Not Following New York City’s Lead

This article follows the decision from NYCERS, a New York City public pension, to remove hedge funds entirely from its portfolio. George Hasiotis, a managing director at Cambridge and a specialist in hedge fund portfolio construction, adds that manager selection is hugely important for pensions hoping to implement a hedge fund program. Click here to…
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Pensions Expert | NEWS April 2016
Risks, costs and flavours of DGFs

This byline article opines on the recent past and likely future for investors who have invested in diversified growth funds. Cambridge research, cited in the piece, shows that the strategy has grown hugely over recent years, but with its vast returns dispersion it isn’t a sure bet for investors. Click to read the article (behind…
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Investment & Pensions Europe | NEWS April 2016
Asset allocation in volatile times

In a compilation of views from leading investment consultants on how volatility should impact investors’ asset allocations. Alex Koriath, Head of UK and European Pensions, says that investors should resist the temptation to re-allocate as a response to current market volatility. Click here to read the article.
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Pensions Expert | NEWS March 2016
LDI: Cost concerns, cash flow and skewed models

In a rountable discussion on liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies, Benoit Jacquemont, London-based pensions risk management specialist discusses the costs, cash flow impact and potential pitfalls of LDI for pensions. Click here to read the article (behind a pay wall).
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HFMWeek | NEWS March 2016
How Tough are Investors Getting on Fees?

Cambridge Associates’ Himanshu Chaturvedi discusses the importance of fee negotiation on behalf of clients with hedge fund managers in a recent HFMWeek article. “Fees have to create the right incentives and be commensurate with the value add you can get,” says Chaturvedi. Read the full article here.
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AssetTV | NEWS November 2015
VIDEO: Pensions Question Traditional De-Risking Approach

David Druley explains why growth-oriented assets among nontraditional sources of beta and high-alpha-potential investments, such as hedge funds and private investing, can help defined benefit plans achieve a higher expected return than the typical glide path approach. Watch Video Here
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Chief Investment Officer | NEWS November 2015
The Argument for Private Equity

Article examines private equity and its role in pensions’ investment portfolios. A Cambridge Associates report, “Private Investments: Filling a Pension’s Return Void,” finds that private investments may offer higher returns with lower risk for some pension funds. Click here to read the article.
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