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Foundation & Endowment Intelligence | NEWS January 2017
Consultant Spotlight: The Luxury of Time: A Case for Diversification and Active Management

Margaret Chen, head of Cambridge Associates’ OCIO business CA Capital Management, outlines key considerations for institutional investors to keep in mind in 2017, highlighting the endowment model, active managers and manager selection, the role of hedge funds, performance measurement, and more. Chen concludes: “Focusing on the nuts and bolts of investing will help investors weather…
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Financial News | NEWS May 2016
The Buyout Industry’s New Trick to Boost Returns: More Debt

This article covers a discussion of buyout firms increasingly using debt to increase internal rates of return – a key performance metric. Nicolas Schellenerg, a senior director of private equity research at Cambridge Associates, notes that as the cost of debt has dropped dramatically and it may make sense for firms to use it to…
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Pensions & Investments | NEWS May 2016
Investors Not Following New York City’s Lead

This article follows the decision from NYCERS, a New York City public pension, to remove hedge funds entirely from its portfolio. George Hasiotis, a managing director at Cambridge and a specialist in hedge fund portfolio construction, adds that manager selection is hugely important for pensions hoping to implement a hedge fund program. Click here to…
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Barron's | NEWS April 2016
UBS Cancer Fund Shows Power of Impact Investing

This article explores a new $471 million impact investing fund from UBS Wealth Management, which will focus on driving cancer research. Jessica Matthews, Head of Mission-Related Investing at Cambridge Associates, notes that investors are interested in a wide variety of impact funds, and that there’s rising interest from Asian investors in impact investing. Click here…
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Institutional Investor | NEWS September 2015
Why Mandatory Spending Limits for College and University Endowments Could Backfire

In a bylined article published by Institutional Investor, Chief Investment Strategist, Celia Dallas, argues that calls for mandatory college and university endowment spending are misguided. Cambridge Associates research shows that required spending levels on the endowment can be dangerous for the enterprise affecting students, faculty and operations alike. Click here to read the article.
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NEWS November 2014
Cambridge Associates’ Perspective on the Ongoing Fossil Fuel Divestment Discussion

The topic of mission-related investing, including the question of fossil fuel divestment, has been on the minds of the endowment community and is receiving increasing public attention. For this reason, we want to confirm our longstanding, steadfast approach to serving our clients and helping them meet their unique investment objectives. We feel this is important…
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