News Capability: Considering Mission-Related Investing

MIT | NEWS September 2019
Impact Investing is Hot Right Now. Here’s Why.

Liqian Ma, Head of Impact Investing Research at Cambridge Associates, discusses why investing in companies that are measurably helping to solve global issues wins you not just brownie points, but financial returns too. Check out MIT’s full article here. 
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The Chronicle of Higher Education | NEWS September 2019
Saving the Planet Hasn’t Persuaded Colleges to Divest From Fossil Fuels. Will Saving Money Do the Trick?

Tom Mitchell, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates, recently spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education to discuss the impact of climate concerns on investment portfolios. “If you’re just looking from a pure investment standpoint, you will find more profits in the growth potential of renewables and alternatives. It’s been a great time to be divested, frankly.” Read…
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Fund Fire | NEWS January 2017
TPG, Bain Sales to Set Course for Private Impact Biz

Jessica Matthews, head of Mission Related Investing at Cambridge Associates, discusses the trend of mainstream investment firms recognizing the opportunity of private equity impact investing funds. While there are numerous smaller managers with established track records in impact investing, most existing funds in the sector are relatively small, making them a tough sell for big institutions…
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Philanthropy Impact | NEWS December 2016
Editorial: Investors Can Achieve Market-Rate Returns and Their Social Impact Goals

Naomi Friend, a Managing Director in Cambridge Associates’ Mission Related Investing practice in London, outlines the growth-drivers of impact investing that the investment industry has seen over the last several years. In an editorial for the Winter 2016 issue of Philanthropy Impact, Friend analyzes Cambridge Associates’ 2015 Impact Investor Survey published jointly with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN),…
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Arcadian Asset Management | NEWS December 2016
AAM Launches Emerging Market Fossil Fuel Free Strategy

Cambridge Associates advised a UK institutional investor on its participation in the creation of the Acadian Sustainable Emerging Markets ex Fossil Fuel UCITS Fund to help meet growing investor demand for divestment within portfolios. In a press release announcing the Fund, Chris Varco, senior investment director for Mission-Related Investing at Cambridge Associates, said “We are…
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Trust & Estates | NEWS August 2016
By-line: Understanding the World of Impact Investing

Tom Mitchell, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates in Arlington, outlines the practitioner’s perspective around the growing interest of impact investing, a field that is rapidly evolving with an infusion of new ideas and participants, as seen in the Committee Report: Investments in Trust & Estates. “In a world facing challenges related to a changing climate and stark social inequalities,…
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Barron's | NEWS April 2016
UBS Cancer Fund Shows Power of Impact Investing

This article explores a new $471 million impact investing fund from UBS Wealth Management, which will focus on driving cancer research. Jessica Matthews, Head of Mission-Related Investing at Cambridge Associates, notes that investors are interested in a wide variety of impact funds, and that there’s rising interest from Asian investors in impact investing. Click here…
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Pensions & Investments | NEWS April 2016
After a bit of help, ESG ready to make even greater gains

This article provides a broad overview of the evolving ESG investing landscape – how it’s changed in recent years and what analysts expect in the future. Jessica Matthews, Cambridge’s head of Mission-Related Investing, adds that some institutions are evaluating ESG opportunities on a total-portfolio basis, not as a niche strategy. Read the article here.
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