Public Manager Screening Process

Data and Materials Collection
Manager Meetings


one Data and Materials Collection

Manager screening process begins by collecting data and materials to learn more about the manager. Data requests—the type and frequency—vary depending on how much exposure our clients have to an individual manager.

To make it easier for you, we direct the majority of requests through our Manager Information Group and have established automated processes for requesting updated data. Even so, managers should expect to occasionally hear from CA consultants with specific questions.

Not sure if you are already in our system? Let us know and we will check.

We invite you to join our database. Through participation in the database, you’ll increase your visibility to our client base, as well as investment professionals, who use the database from their desktop to source manager ideas.

To begin the process, please share your information. With your information, we can evaluate you and get a full picture of the performance of your asset class or strategy to help our decision-making.

2 Manager Meeting

We welcome meeting requests from managers provided they are already in our database. We receive hundreds of requests from new managers each year. While many don’t result in a manager meeting right away, we do look at all the submitted materials.

There is no simple formula to determine whether a manager is invited for a meeting. It depends on the current needs of our clients and a judgement of whether your product would fill those needs.
The timing of our response does vary depending on the schedule and priorities of the Investment Manager Research group.

Rest assured, the inbox is checked daily and that Cambridge staff will be in touch with you if we would like additional information.

Learn more about CA meeting culture and tips for having a successful meeting.

To request a meeting with us, please send your marketing materials. Please verify that you are already included in our database.  We will review your submission and evaluate your fund in the context of the current needs of our clients.

three Evaluation

Evaluating Business Risk

Investment managers may be subject to our thorough and comprehensive operational due diligence before they are considered for recommendation to clients. Our Business Risk Management team conducts a five-phase operating risk assessment for all hedge funds and selectively for other managers.

Assessing the Opportunity

Through multiple meetings, a review of manager data, and often a business risk review, CA research consultants collect all available data and formulate, or reinforce, an opinion of the manager and product. The opinion is then shared with the consulting organization and our clients.

Phase I: Research
Examination of firm legal documents and thorough background checks
Phase 2: Risk Profile and Planning
Development of business risk profile and customized risk review plan
Phase 3: On-Site Meeting
On-site visit to interview key management staff
Phase 4: Follow Up
Follow-up on requests as a result of findings in the on-site visit
Phase 5: Review and Document
Review of findings, discussion of strengths and weaknesses, and summary of conclusions

Our due diligence never stops and our opinions evolve over time.

We believe that our thorough manager selection process enables Cambridge to select truly talented managers versus those who have merely experienced strong performance due to favorable market conditions. To ensure this, we conduct ongoing monitoring, which could include annual meetings with the manager, analysis of quarterly results, and possibly a quarterly call and evaluation of any changes.

As with any successful partnership, we expect to be informed by managers of any significant changes related to personnel, ownership, or the organizational structure.