Manager Meetings

The CA Meeting Culture

At Cambridge, we want all of our research and consulting teams to become familiar with the managers we see throughout the year. That is why our manager meetings are open to anyone at CA who is interested in attending.

At a meeting there could be two people or twenty. They may include members of our research teams, consultants, or interested support staff. Cambridge personnel from our multiple offices worldwide may also participate by conference call and some meetings are videotaped. Sending your presentation materials in advance by email and bringing ten hard copies is advised.

Meetings are typically one hour long. Please note that many staff can only attend part of a meeting due to scheduling conflicts, so it is common for people to come and go during the course of the discussion. Please don’t misinterpret this as lack of interest. Members of the appropriate research team will be in attendance for the entire meeting.

Also, expect lots of questions. While you may have a planned presentation, questions from our staff may change the course of the discussion.

Having a Successful Meeting

Please carefully review the following table for a successful meeting:



  • Send no more than three investment decision makers with ten hard copies of your materials
    (A soft copy should also be emailed prior to the meeting)
  • Focus on individual products even if you have multiple products
  • Talk openly about your business plan
  • Be transparent about the portfolio and investment process
  • Explain performance attribution
  • Articulate your competitive advantage
  • Be balanced in your presentation between big picture and details



  • Base your case entirely on your track record
  • Be afraid to admit historical mistakes or problems
  • Overstate expected returns
  • Pretend your strategy will outperform in every market environment
  • Make assumptions about what our clients want or need
  • Be concerned if we interrupt you with questions

To request a meeting with us, please send your marketing materials. Please verify that you are already included in our database. We will review your submission and evaluate your fund in the context of the current needs of our clients.