Who We Look For

We look for managers who are good business partners to help our mutual clients achieve their objectives. We want to know you well so we can represent you well. Our approach to investment manager due diligence is multifaceted; we collect your data and materials, meet with you, perform business risk reviews, and analyze your data to better understand you.

Share Your Data

We want your information, both so we can evaluate you and so we can get a full picture of the performance of your asset class or strategy to help our decision-making.

For public managers, we invite you to join our database and enter your information. Through participation in the database, you’ll increase your visibility to our client base, as well as investment professionals, who use the database from their desktop to source manager ideas.

For private investment managers, we also welcome you to participate in our benchmarks. Here’s more information about our private investment benchmarks and the benefits of participation.

Request A Meeting

For public managers, you can send your marketing materials to us. We will review your submission and evaluate your fund in the context of the current needs of our clients. For private investment managers, feel free to request a meeting.