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January 2015
Market Focus

Hear our perspective on current market trends. Celia Dallas, our Chief Investment Strategist, and Wade O’Brien, a Managing Director on our Global Investment Research team, discuss some issues top of mind for us this year. We cover the ascendance of the US dollar, overvaluation of US treasuries, drawdown on oil, and volatility of credit markets…
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Research Note November 2014
The Missing Metric for Endowment Growth: Net Flow Rate

Read The Missing Metric for Endowment Growth: Net Flow Rate. By comparing the net flow rate with the real investment return, an institution can determine whether its LTIP is successfully sustaining its role in the institution’s business model.
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Pension Series August 2014
MAPping the Future of Pension Funding

The Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014, which temporarily maintains the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund, can benefit most pension plan sponsors by giving them flexibility around the timing and amount of contributions for the next several years, but may not decrease the total amount of contributions required over the long term.
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Research Note June 2014
Fossil Fuel Divestment

No one answer to the question of whether to divest will serve all institutions equally. The question of whether and to what degree an investment portfolio should reflect ethical stances is best addressed by individual institutions and their distinct investment policies.
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Research Report June 2014
Investing in Asian Hedge Funds: Opportunities and Challenges

Asia’s economic development continues to attract global investor’s interest. Yet, investing in Asia-focused hedge funds has proved challenging due to illiquidity, shorting constraints, and underdeveloped legal systems. This report takes an in-depth look at four strategies (long/short equity, credit opportunities, event-driven, and macro), highlighting the challenges each faces and the opportunity set available. All things considered, long/short equity and macro strategies present the most interesting prospects, event-driven and liquid credit strategies less so. We remain cautious on broad implementation in the near term; liquidity and governance drawbacks in most cases outweigh the benefits of geographic diversification and market inefficiency.
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Research Report May 2014
Multi-Manager Funds: A Toolkit for Evaluation

This report discusses the rise of multi-managers, compares the performance of multi-manager funds with traditional multi-strategy funds, and outlines the key questions investors should ask when conducting due diligence on a multi-manager fund.
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