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Endowments and Towers

Letitia Johnson, managing director, spoke to Bloomberg Radio about key drivers behind double digit returns that university endowments are witnessing in FY 2017, highlighting asset allocation to global public equities and good active management. Addressing the whether or not the “endowment model” works, Johnson argues that while it has certainly been challenged in recent years, […]

Alternative Asset Strategy Outlook Webcast

Managing Director Joe Marenda participated in an Alternative Asset Strategy Outlook webcast where he discussed the notion that the extended period of recovery and the current bull market run “have perhaps caused some investors to forget the pain that came along with the financial crisis.” Speaking from the lens of developing and implementing alternative investment […]

CIO Roundtable: Sustainable Investments

Managing Director Tom Mitchell participated in a CIO Roundtable alongside other investment industry executives to discuss the challenges, product gaps and innovative strategies for scaling sustainable developments. The widespread adoption and increased appetite for ESG at the institutional level has resulted in heightened considerations and challenges to address around how the market can truly scale […]

VIDEO: Active Management and Our Future with David Druley

Remarks from Cambridge Associates Chairman and CEO David Druley at the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference Druley describes his perspective on how institutions and family offices can meet the challenges of generating the investment returns they need to fulfill their missions and achieve their objectives at the Milken Institute’s 20th Annual Global Conference. Emphasizing that […]

Firms Look Overseas to Spend Growing Wall of Capital

European private-equity firms are responding to the wall of money coming their way by opening new offices in new countries apace. Holger Rossbach, of Cambridge Associates’ private investment group in London, explains that the “strong climate for fundraising is allowing many mid-market firms to grow into new geographies,” with regard to the recent uptick of […]

Report: Second-Hand Stakes a Better Bet for Private Investment Newbies

Secondary funds, which purchase existing positions in private funds from other limited partners looking to exit their investments, for liquidity, portfolio restructuring, or other reasons, allow allocators to see more immediate cash distributions while experiencing less overall risk compared to other private investment vehicles. Senior investment director Alex Shivananda walks through the various considerations for […]

OCIO Action Lures Large Firms to Fight for Assets

Cambridge Associates’ footprint in the OCIO space began 14 years ago and is a fast-growing segment of the firm’s business, having witnessed nearly 30% growth each year over the last five years. Margaret Chen, head of CA Capital, highlights the importance of resources and operations when it comes to serving as an outsourced investment office, […]

Cambridge’s Auerbach Says It’s a Great Time to Sell in PE

Andrea Auerbach, global head of private investment research at Cambridge Associates, spoke to Bloomberg TV about private equity valuations, fundraising, and the abundance of PE strategies that have come to market in the last decade. These “off-shoots” from plain vanilla PE strategies are all in pursuit of finding and generating the compelling return for institutional […]

Video: Investors Should ‘Dig Deep’ into Indexing

Margaret Chen, head of CA Capital, talks to FundFire’s Alyson Velati about the potential reasons investors are going passive in this current market environment, and the alternatives to indexing as it relates to Investment Committees addressing performance and governance issues. Chen stresses the importance of understanding the institution’s investment objective and sticking with the agreed-upon […]

Special Report on Private Equity: 7 Ways PE Firms are Evolving

Andrea Auerbach, global head of private investment research at Cambridge Associates, discusses the latest trends seen among private equity firms and strategies, highlighting sector-focused investments, co-investments, and operational expertise among GPs as opportunities for institutional investors. Key takeaways include: – “Co-investment has become more commonplace. Every fund manager we meet with says they have co-investments […]