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Cambridge Leverages Hedge Fund Insight, Access in Fast-Growing Business

Sona Menon’s insights as an outsourced chief investment officer at Cambridge Associates were featured in this Investor Profile, where she highlights the firm’s expertise in alternative investments and hedge funds as contributors to client performance. “As a whole, we are trying to create a portfolio with less beta,” Menon says. “Alpha costs money but we’re […]

Is It Time to Sell PE Interests?

Andrea Auerbach, global head of private investment research at Cambridge Associates, offers an in-depth perspective on the state of the private equity industry, starting with “now is the right time to sell.” She touches on new strategies, pressure on GPs to generate returns, evolution of fee structures, co-invest opportunities, fundraising, and more. Highlights of Auerbach’s […]

Harvesting the Potential of Private Investments

In the November 2017 issue of Benefits Magazine, which covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public plan representatives, senior investment director and investment actuary in Cambridge Associates’ pension practice, Alex Pekker, contributed an article highlighting the potential for private investments in a pension’s investment portfolio. Pekker explains that private investments could be a […]

Committee Report: Investments – Active Versus Passive Management

In this contributed article, Cambridge Associates managing director Andre Abrantes encourages investors to reject an oversimplified framework applied to the active versus passive debate, because the reality is that all investing requires active decision making. Some of the key points that Abrantes expands upon in this article include: It’s important to note the wide range […]

Investing in the Lower Mid-Market is Like Boiling the Ocean

In an article assessing the notion that the best managers in the lower mid-market are producing the best returns private equity can offer, global head of private investment research at Cambridge Associates, Andrea Auerbach, explains that the widest dispersion exists in the lower mid-market, which is where return-seekers should be looking as long as they […]

Track Records Optional: Cambridge Searches for Untested Talent

Global head of investment research Noel O’Neill explains Cambridge Associates’ rigorous approach to diligencing and sourcing new and emerging managers. Key excerpts of this interview include: “…There are a lot of people in the investment consulting business who use track records as a screening tool and obviously with emerging managers that are in-between five-year track […]

Cambridge Searches for Untested Talent

Noel O’Neill, head of global investment research, discusses Cambridge Associates’ views on emerging managers, and looking beyond past performance and track records to industry expertise, operational excellence, willingness to negotiate fees and terms, and more. “… at the end of the day what is the secret sauce and what truly differentiates the firm from others, even […]

Trabocco: Don’t Assume It’s the Last Inning

In this Q&A Tod Trabocco, managing director who oversees Cambridge Associates’ global private credit efforts, discusses current market conditions, takes a peek into the future, highlights the specialty finance opportunity and cautions against trying to predict the next recession. A few highlights of Trabocco’s commentary include: “Times are bound to get more interesting for private debt […]

Origins Podcast with Michael Larsen, Cambridge Associates

In this 50-minute podcast, Michael Larsen, managing director focused on venture capital at Cambridge Associates, explains how Cambridge works with its global institutional clients (e.g., endowments, foundations, family offices, pensions) in building and implementing VC programs and shares some colorful insight into his career path. He explains Cambridge’s approach to manager due diligence, his views […]

Endowments and Towers

Letitia Johnson, managing director, spoke to Bloomberg Radio about key drivers behind double digit returns that university endowments are witnessing in FY 2017, highlighting asset allocation to global public equities and good active management. Addressing the whether or not the “endowment model” works, Johnson argues that while it has certainly been challenged in recent years, […]