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National Geographic Society Commits $50 Million of Endowment to Impact Investments

The creation of a new impact investment program, managed by CA Capital Management, which is Cambridge Associates’ dedicated outsourced investment office business, will accelerate National Geographic’s funding of research, exploration and education, inspiring solutions for the global good. Read the full press release here.

With Investing, Simple Is Not So Sweet

“Active management is a zero-sum game—for every winner, there is a loser.” David Druley, Chairman and CEO of Cambridge Associates, explains why it is critical for institutional investors to have significant resources, networks and skill/expertise to execute an active strategy well in this current investment environment. Key points of the article include: The best way […]

High-Net-Worth Market Provides Cambridge Associates a Door to Asia

Cambridge Associates Chairman and CEO David Druley had a wide-ranging discussion with P&I’s Asia Bureau Chief Douglas Appell, discussing CA’s commitment to Asia, the firm’s significant experience across OCIO/investment management including running private investment portfolios, and the opportunity set among the ultra-high-net worth, pensions, and other large institutional investors in Asia and globally. Key highlights include: […]

Consultants: Changing Roles

Global Head of Pensions, Brian McDonnell, contributed to IPE’s survey of pension consultants across Europe and beyond on how they are responding to changes in the wider pension sector: McDonnell said: “Increasingly, whether we are retained to serve a scheme’s entire portfolio or a portion of it (for instance a private investment, hedge fund or […]

Op-Ed: Why Investors Should Consider A “Private Equity Approach” To Africa

Managing director Martin White and senior investment director Nicolas Schellenberg explain that private equity is a viable option for global investors who are searching for yield and have turned to African frontier markets. Africa reflects a global trend identified by Cambridge Associates’ research in that private markets have markedly outperformed public markets in the long-term. […]

Video: Impact Investors Eager to Boost Allocations Further

Featuring findings from a recent Cambridge Associates investor survey, Head of Mission-Related Investing Jessica Matthews talks about how institutional investors are continuing to increase their allocations to mission-related investments and the various, bespoke approaches to measuring impact across all types of institutions. To view the complete survey, please visit Mission-Related Investing: Current Practices and Views of Non-Profit […]

A Trigger for Infrastructure Investing

Indradoot Dhar, senior investment director in the Real Assets Group said, “[Infrastructure] is a market that is growing and expected to take off. The issue has been that, at any point of time in the last 10-15 years, it looked like the market was ready to take off [and didn’t]. This time, it seems it […]

Firms at the Crossroads: Offer Alpha or Disappear

Jon Hansen, managing director and hedge fund specialist, discusses the current hedge fund investing environment, explaining “…Years ago, when we engaged a hedge fund manager on the issue of fees or alignment, the manager thought, `If I do this proactively, it will be taken as a sign of weakness.’ Conceding is not considered so dangerous […]

Op-ed: Guarding Against Volatility

Meagan Nichols, Managing Director and Global Head of the Real Assets Investment Group, authored an article that outlines real estate investment opportunities and real estate investments to avoid in this current environment of potential rising inflation. “Amid today’s uncertainty, remember that different real estate investments play different roles within portfolios. Investors should start by pausing and […]

Ares Cranks Up Wide Direct Lending Push

Speaking at SuperReturn International in Berlin, managing director Tod Trabocco discussed the dramatic increase in direct lending allocations and how it is one of the private fund market’s busiest corners today. Trabocco, co-chair on Cambridge Associates’ Credit Investment Research Committee and co-leader of the firm’s Credit Investment Group, explained how direct lenders are starting to […]