COVID-19 Resources

In the first months of 2020, COVID-19 spread across the globe, ultimately earning classification as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. The virus has had wide-ranging financial ramifications, among them the emergence of a bear market. Amid this turbulent global environment, we remain committed to our clients and colleagues, and will continue to update this page with our latest insights on the effect of the coronavirus on the investment landscape.

Research Note November 2020
China’s Onshore Bond Market: An Update

Interest in China’s onshore bond market has been rising steadily since the market was thrown open to foreign investors. Yet foreign holdings remain relatively low. We think the market warrants further attention from global investors, given Chinese bonds continue to offer higher yields and lower correlations than those found in other major bond markets, with the potential to bring portfolio diversification benefits.
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Research Note October 2020
Endowment Spending to the Rescue?

The current health crisis is creating extraordinary financial disruptions for nonprofit enterprises, leading stakeholders to ask if the endowment can come to the rescue of revenue shortfalls and often growing costs. How should an institution evaluate this, and what are the long-term implications of boosting spending beyond policy levels? First, we consider whether it is…
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CA Answers October 2020
Is Distressed Real Estate Actionable Today?

Yes, but the opportunity set is currently limited. To date, the large amount of government stimulus and lax credit enforcements, the differentiated impact of COVID-19 on real estate sectors, and the challenges associated with valuing assets have worked to keep broad-based distress at bay for now.
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Research Note October 2020
Disruption, Liquidity Sources, and the Role of the Endowment

Nonprofit institutions have not been spared from the impact of COVID-19. In June 2020, when many endowed institutions were completing fiscal year 2020 and on the brink of a new fiscal year, we issued a survey that focused on endowment spending and other sources of liquidity for these institutions.
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Research Note September 2020
Planning for the US Presidential Election

Do investors stand to gain more from a Trump victory or a Biden win in November’s US general election? Presidents often have a mix of market-friendly and market-unfriendly policies. Mitigating factors, such as a divided government, can offset market concerns or enthusiasm relating to one specific candidate’s policies. Investors should not tweak portfolios based on election prognostication.
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VantagePoint September 2020
VantagePoint: Investment Opportunities Six Months Into the Pandemic

Economic, market, and healthcare circumstances have been extraordinary over the last six months. However, attractive opportunities exist in some pockets of tech, relatively cheap public equities, and even in credit less supported by central bank activity. Additionally, the importance of investing in social equity has been brought into sharp relief by this crisis.
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September 9, 2020 Pre-Recorded Webinar
Prospects for COVID-19 Treatments and Implications for the Healthcare Industry

In this fireside chat, Celia Dallas of Cambridge Associates and Alyson Coates, a veteran in the healthcare industry with years of experience in science, investments, and public policy, address the implications of prospective COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics for investors and the outlook for investment opportunities in healthcare. Visit Website »

Cambridge Associates hosted event