November 19 - 22, 2019 Amsterdam
SuperInvestor 2019

Representatives from Cambridge Associates will participate in a number of panels on the topics of Private Investment, ESG, and Real Assets. Dan Aylott, Managing Director, will take part in a head-to-head ‘secondary vs primary’ debate on who is best equipped to manage a market correction and has the greatest tolerance for a slowdown in distributions. Chris Varco, Managing Director, will discuss the role of ESG in an LP’s selection process and how to strike the right balance with returns and ESG. Holger Rossbach, Senior Investment Director, will be comparing the public vs private markets and to what degree lower middle market GPs are having to adapt to survive. Minesh Manshu, Senior Investment Director, will discuss how to maximize value from real assets. And Peter Maher, Senior Investment Director, will be assessing the rationale for the traditional fund model and the relevance of the private markets investment model. Visit Website »