February 11, 2020 REPLAY
CA Webinar: A Balancing Act: Strategies for Financial Executives in Managing Pension Risk

Despite funded status improvements in recent years, it’s an ongoing challenge for corporate financial executives to manage the balance sheet implications and risks associated with their defined benefit plans. Yet the extent of the impact is often within each plan sponsor’s control and depends on the strategic choices they make throughout the life of their plans. Deirdre Nectow, Head of Global Business Development and Client Service, moderates a discussion with Brian McDonnell, Head of Global Pension Practice, and Sona Menon, Head of North American Pension Practice, as they share insights into the Balancing Act’s investment-focused levers of asset returns and liability hedges, macro trends that may impact pension plan outcomes, and practical examples of what is being today in client portfolios. Click here to view the replay. Please note, this webinar is intended for CA clients and prospective clients. Visit Website »

Cambridge Associates hosted event