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Kevin Harney

Head of Investment Risk Management

Kevin is a Managing Director and is the Head of Investment Risk Management and Analytics for the firm. He has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry and he joined Cambridge Associates in 2015.

After graduation, he worked for a Palo Alto firm building derivative risk management software and working directly with corporate and government clients in the US and Canada. He then spent twelve years at JPMorgan’s investment bank in New York, leading derivative technology teams globally before moving into client-facing roles as the head of modeling and risk management in the corporate pension OCIO group where he focused on portfolio construction, risk and liability driven investing. He has also worked at a number of hedge funds in San Francisco and Greenwich as chief risk officer, and for a London-based provider of pension risk management software as head of US sales.

Kevin holds a BSs and MSc in Mathematics from University College Galway, Ireland, and an MSc in Mathematical Finance from the University of Alberta, Canada.

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