Investment Topic: Real Assets

Research Report May 2018
Portfolio Benchmarking: Best Practices for Private Investments

When assessing performance at the aggregate private portfolio and sub-component level, investors should take the long view. In this publication, we review how long funds take to settle into their ultimate quartile ranking and highlight our framework for benchmarking a portfolio of private investments.
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CA Answers March 2018
Is it Time to Sell Energy MLPs?

We don’t think so. Investors with allocations to energy MLPs (master limited partnerships) may want to maintain existing allocations, despite their recent poor performance and the proposed regulatory changes impacting interstate pipelines.
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CA Answers June 2017
Will the US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord Boost the Prospects for Investments in Energy?

Answers to our clients’ questions about market action and the market environment in a few paragraphs every two weeks. No. Market forces and technological innovation have been far more impactful on the energy sector than environmental regulations. Investors should maintain exposure to private energy and publicly listed energy equities, rather than view this event as…
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