Investment Topic: Equities

Research Brief July 2015
Revisiting Active US Equity Management: A Cyclical Story

We are not unconditional advocates for or against active management; investors have different circumstances. However, while there are many logical rationales for favoring index over active investing, the recent performance struggle of the average active manager is not among them.
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Research Report April 2014
Hallmarks of Successful Active Equity Managers

This paper attempts to answer the question, “how can investors that select active managers maximize their odds of success?” by delving into two metrics—active share and concentration—that a growing body of research suggests are linked to benchmark-beating performance. Combining these metrics with tracking error we illustrate a framework for evaluating equity managers and also explore the challenges of implementing such a framework.
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Research Report September 2013
Concentrated Stock Portfolios

Families can use several strategies to mitigate the risks of single-stock exposures, thereby supporting both wealth-preservation and philanthropic goals.
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