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VantagePoint April 2021
VantagePoint: Reflation, Inflation, or More of the Same?

In this edition of VantagePoint, we review the drivers of inflation globally and conclude that widespread inflation concerns are likely overdone. For investors concerned about the risks of inflation, we refresh our analysis on the complex relationship between asset classes and inflation and dig deeper into the implications of higher inflation on equities.
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Chart Book February 2021
Sustainable and Impact Investing 2020: Insights and Perspectives

The 2020 biannual Sustainable and Impact Investing (SII) survey highlights the growth of the space over the last two years. Of the 202 survey respondents, 61% reported engaging in sustainable, ESG, and impact investing compared to 36% in 2018. Respondents use a variety of tools to implement SII in portfolios, the most popular are ESG integration and impact investing in social equity and resource efficiency & climate change.
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Research Note July 2020
Racial Equity Investing: The Time Is Now

In 2018, we reviewed the state of social equity investing, with a focus on racial equity investing. The themes we highlighted then are even more relevant today. In this paper, we discuss the renewed sense of urgency around racial equity investing and put forward three actions investors can take to address the inequities inherent in our society.
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Research Note June 2020
GRAT Expectations: Extra Opportunity in the Current Environment

Grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs) have been a popular and effective wealth transfer strategy for US families in recent decades and are even more compelling now. Despite their advantages, GRATs cannot achieve their full potential without careful analysis of multiple factors, including structuring and investment considerations.
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Research Note January 2020
Venture Capital Positively Disrupts Intergenerational Investing

Families of wealth face three key questions about intergenerational wealth planning: how best to invest to sustain future generations; how best to engage the next generation; and how best to ensure family unity endures. Often each question is addressed independently. We find that a conversation across generations about the impact of a meaningful venture capital allocation can help address all three questions in an integrated manner.
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Research Report September 2019
Managing Portfolios Through Equity Market Downturns

Thoughtful decisions during chaotic environments are what separate the top-performing investors from everyone else. In this series, we review five important topics that should inform any plan to manage portfolios through equity market downturns.
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Research Report August 2019
Pathways to Sustainable Investing: Insights from Families and Peers

Every day, CREO and Cambridge Associates encounter wealth owners, families, and family office professionals who are starting down the path of sustainability investing. This paper details the typical path these investors take, the questions many of them face, and the way that many of them successfully develop a winning strategy that generates both returns and impact.
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Research Report February 2019
Private Investing for Private Investors: Life Can Be Better After 40(%)

Families with multigenerational wealth may be particularly well positioned to consider allocating 40% or more of their assets to private investments. Assuming these families have the requisite long-term time horizon, patience, and ability to act quickly, they stand to benefit not only from the potential for higher returns but also from the tax-advantaged nature of private investments. Life could get better after 40%!
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