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Cambridge Associates has great depth of resources in departments ranging from Information Technology to Business Development to Finance. These groups support the daily operations and future growth of the firm. Our global systems, processes, technology, and staff continue to advance due to these creative, innovative, and dedicated teams.

Emily | Joined in 2010

“I manage software that every employee at CA uses. That means that I get to learn about a new person, process, market event, or investment strategy every day, which makes my job very creative.

I started at CA as an investment associate, specializing in building alternative asset portfolios for large and global clients. Over time, I discovered I really enjoyed managing the complexity of the client teams and the effect technology had on our ability to complete our work. After about three years, I was able to transition into IT to help develop applications that impact and facilitate knowledge sharing across the firm as a whole.

At CA, you have unparalleled access to intelligent and motivated people. This means that you get to work in a culture that encourages you to excel but also promotes opportunities to learn new things from others.”


Brittany | Joined in 2011

“Beginning as a Staff Accountant within Accounting Operations, I gained a strong understanding of the firm’s business operations, collaborating closely with both internal groups and external partners. Currently, as Time and Expense Lead, I am able to leverage my deep knowledge of the firm’s cost structure to tackle higher-level, strategic expense-related projects.

Given CA’s strong collegiality and team-oriented culture, I have always felt like a valuable contributor – both to the Accounting & Finance department and to the larger firm. Over time, I have been able to increase my responsibilities, based on my interests and relative strengths, to best support both the firm’s operations and my own professional growth”


Support Services

The Support Services group offers opportunities in a variety of groups including Legal and Compliance, Global Business Development, People Development, Information Technology, Office Services, and Finance. As a member of one of these dynamic teams, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with departments and investment professionals across the firm.

Adrienne | Joined in 1998

“The firm attracts and retains a diverse range of talented individuals willing to mentor others supporting a culture where you can discover and enhance your strengths. Innovative and resourceful employees can have numerous opportunities for growth while contributing to the strategic vision of the firm.

I began my journey with CA in an entry level position in the Performance Reporting department. I was fortunate to move into Information & Technology where I broadened my Business Analysis skillset. Over the years I worked to develop my strengths in order to move into a leadership position where I now contribute to the development of IT’s vision and priorities to ensure alignment with the strategy of the business.

The firm has been and continues to be an environment which allows me to learn something new every day from intelligent colleagues who each offer a unique industry perspective. CA highly values its people and cultivates an environment for professional growth and building strategic partnerships across the organization.”


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