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Portfolio Services (PS) strives to deliver portfolio management products and services that support our clients’ investment offices and CA’s internal investment teams. Team members are focused on delivering investment office solutions and tools to client desktops that provide coverage of global markets, contribute to more informed decision making, and ultimately, drive superior investment results. Our team includes more than 300 individuals operating across Optica and Data & Reporting Departments from four locations: Arlington, Boston, London and Singapore. We serve more than 800+ clients of the firm, whether directly or as part of a broader engagement.

Students & Recent Graduates

You are the new era of talent. Build your future alongside a team of highly-motivated and ambitious individuals as you challenge yourself with exposure to global portfolio & fund data. Discover new mentors in an inclusive, knowledge-sharing culture. Strive to be a change-agent for the service we provide key stakeholders and for the acceleration of your own personal and professional development.

Bring your talents to the teams within Data & Reporting.

Sarah | Joined in 2015

One of the unique things about working at CA is the companionship among colleagues. As most of us are dedicated professionals working towards similar goals, we are able to easily relate to one another, creating a unique environment for innovation, collaboration, and support. The constant encouragement I receive from the colleagues around me and their willingness to share their knowledge as I become acclimated to the financial investment industry has truly enabled me to be successful at CA thus far.

Austin | Joined in 2015

CA promotes such a unique culture of lifelong learning and collaboration. Even though I did not study finance in college, I was able to learn quickly through the superb training that I have received in this role. Being surrounded by colleagues who are eager to learn and well-informed about the finance industry has also enabled me to develop knowledge well beyond my initial training. The team-based environment has given me endless chances to sharpen my professional skills in areas such as communication, leadership, and goal setting.

Hongxiang | Joined in 2014

Diversity, openness and collegiality were the organizational attributes that attracted me to CA. Every day, I am continuously impressed by the intellectual curiosity, professionalism and dedication of people around me. Having the opportunity to work and interact with international offices and clientele has made the journey challenging and fulfilling. CA further supports and encourages professional development in the areas of leadership, communication, project management and financial knowledge.

Experienced Professionals

Accelerate your career alongside a team of innovative and dedicated professionals. From Analysts to Directors, individuals serve Portfolio Services in diverse capacities to expand the breadth and depth of our digital platform and service offerings. Team members are focused on initiatives including business development, client support and product development.

CA has a history of innovation. Join the future with Optica.

Nick | Joined in 2008

CA is an organization that aligns with two values important to my career. The first is to work in an environment where it is not only an expectation but a responsibility felt by all team members to care about each other and support each other’s pursuits and goals. The second is to be able to increase your sphere of influence to make a greater impact as your skills and abilities grow. During my time at CA I have truly found both while forging lifelong relationships and proudly collaborating across multiple departments and global offices.

Jessica | Joined in 2007

CA is a great place to challenge yourself every day. I’ve been able to collaborate with and learn from colleagues across the world. These interactions have come through several different roles at CA, all of which have helped expand my knowledge of investments, technology, and how we can best serve our clients. The individual growth I have experienced here is a result of the collegiate atmosphere supported throughout the firm.

Charles | Joined in 2005

I was initially drawn to CA because of the firm’s culture, global workforce, and the opportunity to learn a unique side of finance. What I found is my true home. The firm’s strategic growth plan has led to the creation of new departments and products, which fuels opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship at many levels. The constantly evolving journey I’ve had at CA has been filled with learning, challenges, self-discovery and friendships.

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Optica is the next generation of CA’s digital investment products for the world’s most sophisticated investors. Optica harnesses CA’s proprietary data, research content, and investment acumen to help investors make informed decisions. The Optica Team is the digital product arm within an established, independent and global investment firm. Our team is organized across Product Development, Client Support, and Business Development. We’re an entrepreneurial, collegial, and motivated group that’s passionate about serving our clients and realizing the Optica vision.

Data & Reporting

From the inception of Data & Reporting, we’ve been a team dedicated to the curation of the financial data that our investment research and advisory teams rely on. Even as global marketplaces evolve, our purpose remains clear: accuracy and integrity in centralizing the collection of all investment manager data, as well as the production of portfolio monitoring services.

Data & Reporting is comprised of the Manager Information Group and the Performance Reporting Group; representing approximately a quarter of the firm’s team members across the globe. Leverage a career in either group to receive exposure to Private Investment, Hedge Fund and Long-Only asset classes.


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