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Portfolio Services delivers portfolio management products and services that support our clients’ investment offices and our internal investment teams. Team members are focused on delivering investment office solutions and tools to client desktops that provide coverage of global markets, contribute to more informed decision making, and ultimately, drive superior investment results.


Optica is the next generation of CA’s digital investment products for the world’s most sophisticated investors. Optica harnesses CA’s proprietary data, research content, and investment acumen to help our investment teams make informed decisions.

Data & Reporting

The Data & Reporting team is dedicated to the curation of financial data that our investment teams use to evaluate investment options. Even as global marketplaces evolve, our purpose remains clear: accuracy and integrity in centralizing the collection of all investment manager data, as well as the production of portfolio monitoring services.

Data & Reporting comprises the Manager Information Group and the Performance Reporting Group. Leverage a career in either group to receive exposure to private investment, hedge fund, and long-only asset classes.

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Students & Recent Graduates

You are the new era of talent. Build your future alongside a team of highly motivated and ambitious individuals as you challenge yourself with exposure to global portfolio and fund data. Discover new mentors in an inclusive, knowledge-sharing culture.

Experienced Professionals

Accelerate your career alongside a team of innovative and dedicated professionals. From analysts to directors, individuals serve Portfolio Services in diverse capacities to expand the breadth and depth of our digital platform and service offerings.

In their own words

Junior Investment Operations Associate, Manager Information Group
Joined in 2017

I joined CA as a summer intern, and I immediately knew that this was the perfect firm to not only build a strong financial background, but to develop a unique skillset that would facilitate both personal and professional growth. Through a team-oriented culture that rewards original thinking, I have been continuously challenged at each turn of the job; and thanks to a well-structured training program, I have been able to transition to the working world far faster than I originally thought possible.

Here at CA, you will be provided with a great opportunity to learn under some of the most committed individuals in the industry, all while developing the same fundamental values that has given CA the respected name it currently holds.