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The Global Investment Research (GIR) group at CA provides independent, unbiased research to meet the needs of our clients and internal teams. Research is tailored to each client and may range from manager-specific to broad based investment research. The group helps clients understand the global investment landscape by identifying risks, trends, and opportunities.


The Global Investment Research group leverages their experience, networks, and proprietary data to provide the firm’s clients with access to timely and actionable investment ideas that drive portfolio outperformance in their portfolios. GIR teams focus either broadly in capital markets research, or cover specific asset classes including Public Growth, Private Growth, Real Assets, Diversifiers, and Investment-Grade Bonds.

Other areas of GIR include Business Risk Management, Operations, Analytics, and Special Projects which collaborate to ensure our research teams are equipped with tools, support and resources key to providing superior results.


Ronny | Joined in 2015

“I joined CA to help grow its newly formed co-investment practice. Coming from a direct investing background, I wanted to leverage my skills in a more team-oriented environment and contribute to building something from the ground up. Whether it is analyzing a new investment opportunity or business development related, no day is ever the same.

If you want to be given responsibility and have your work valued while working with the top minds in the industry, CA would be a great fit for you!”


Josh | Joined in 2005, re-joined in 2013

“I started my career as an associate at CA and re-joined as an Investment Director after business school and a few years in equity research.

CA was always a place I wanted to come back to because it’s not only a great place to start your career, but it’s a great place to spend your career. The opportunity to work with such high quality clients and colleagues has been extremely rewarding and I’m constantly being challenged to expand my knowledge of the investment landscape which makes every day a different and fun experience.”


Dorota | Joined in 2005

“CA’s environment, and working on the research team in particular, are the anti-boredom tonic – there is always more to learn, new angles to explore, and new sources of alpha to find. And the best part: our work leads to better results for an esteemed investor base, many of whom champion causes that are near and dear to most, if not all, of us.

My experience at CA has flown in the face of the common expectation that graduates will change companies frequently in their early career years. Over my eleven years here, I have been given plenty of room to learn and grow as an investor, an advisor, and as a person. It is the sort of place where you can start as an Assistant or Associate, and with enough interest, hard work, and mentorship, can grow into an Investment Director.

While my experience has been unusual for the industry and the general graduate populace, it is not unusual for CA. I have seen many others make a similar journey, which is a testament to what a great place this is to work.”


Early Career Profile
Research Investment Associates assist Investment Directors in the evaluation of investment managers and monitoring of current market conditions for the benefit of Cambridge Associates and its clients.
Experience Profile
Investment Directors in GIR are part of teams which identify strategic trends, conduct research on high-quality investment firms and products, monitor firms that are investing on behalf of our clients, and act as a resource for other Investment Directors.


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