Experienced Professional

We value candidates with diverse backgrounds and expertise to preserve a culture of collaboration and thought leadership within the firm.
Professional Development & Training

New investment directors from every office participate in a two-week orientation program in Boston that introduces them to the firm’s groups, clients, and culture. Throughout the first four years of employment there is continual training on topics such as technical investment content, communications coaching, and leadership skills.

The majority of training takes place on-the-job. New investment directors are assigned an advisor to provide guidance and assist with on-the-job training. We hold an annual investment director conference, where directors from all offices gather offsite for several days to discuss important investment, client, and firm themes. All employees are formally evaluated as part of the firm’s semi-annual performance review process, which includes input from peers and managers.

Who We Hire

Key traits we look for in candidates include investment experience, a passion for the markets, curiosity and creativity to tackle investment challenges, eagerness to work with clients and colleagues, clear communication skills, and respect for the firm’s values.

Senior positions come with an attractive financial package including performance-based short- and long-term incentives.