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CA Answers November 2017
Should Institutional Investors Hold Cryptocurrencies?

In our opinion, institutional investors are better served focusing on investing in companies seeking to profit from the development and adoption of blockchain technology and “fintech” more broadly than holding cryptocurrencies directly.
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CA Answers November 2017
Is Private Equity Replacing Public Equity?

It sure looks like it. The increasingly unforgiving nature of public equity markets, coupled with the continued evolution and growth of private investment markets, is making it easier for more companies to stay private, with some CEOs avowing to do so indefinitely.
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CA Answers October 2017
Should Investors Position Themselves for US Tax Reform?

We would not seek to position portfolios specifically for tax reform as markets have already priced in some improvement in earnings from tax cuts, and the winners and losers from the proposed tax changes will not be clear until more details are provided.
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CA Answers August 2017
Is the US Dollar Dead?

Answers to our clients’ questions about market action and the market environment in a few paragraphs every two weeks. We are not ready to pronounce the strong dollar cycle dead, but do admit the US dollar is in critical condition. Investors should remain partially unhedged or prepared to ride out a period of currency volatility.…
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