CA Life

CA Life is Cambridge Associates’ employee engagement initiative focused on creating the culture and community we want for all of our colleagues across the globe.

CA Life is focused on several firm-wide workstreams, including:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cambridge Associates believes it is our obligation to create and provide access to opportunity and to support success in the communities where we work. We do this through three areas of focus:


Cambridge Associates is focused on ensuring that people with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences join, and then thrive in, our firm and our industry. We believe that pursuing increased diversity within our firm is essential for three reasons:

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives include:

To help foster these initiatives, we support a summer MBA internship program focused on ethnic minority and female students who have an interest in our firm. We also have an ongoing commitment to increase the diversity of our candidate pipelines by exploring and expanding the base of schools where we recruit, including historically black colleges and universities, women’s colleges, and large state universities.

We proactively engage throughout the year with women- and minority-related affinity groups and networks that help advance investment outcomes, create connections in the industry, and encourage people to consider careers in investing. These groups include:

We also sponsor Prevail, an industry network that enables outstanding women—investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists—to share their ideas as they influence and invest for the future.

Firm Values

Cambridge Associates is committed to creating a unique, global culture that supports the experience of our entire community. This is built upon our six Firm Values:

These values are an important component of how we measure ourselves and our work performance.

Professional Growth and Development

Cambridge Associates is dedicated to maintaining a culture and value proposition that allows us to recruit and retain top talent. To learn more about how we invest in our colleagues, click here.